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Luxury Turtle Beach Hut Available for Booking in Karachi.

Key Features:

  1. Infinity Pool & Jacuzzi
  2. Modern Aesthetics
  3. Separate BBQ Area
  4. Dirty Kitchen
  5. changing rooms and washroom
  6. Ground Floor Lounge and Bar
  7. Outside Patio with Bonfire and Sitting
  8. First Floor Lounge
  9. Infinity Balcony
  10. Deluxe Room with Air Condition and Flat Screen attached washroom with bathtub
  11. Marbled Rooftop to be used for sitting and extra circulars.
  12. Entire Venue can accommodate 1000+ people

*Sea dale Rates* (12 hours )

Guests Price 0-50 = 75k,  51-100 = 125k, 100-150  = 175k, 150-200 = 215k,

200+ guests 250K


*Sea dale Rates* (24 hours)

Guests Price 0-50 = 100k, 51-100 = 150k, 100-150 = 200kk, 150-200 = 250k,

200+ guests =Β  275k

**Do confirm Rental charges on call


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