In Faisalabad, Pakistan, navigating the city’s diverse neighborhoods is made easier with the help of postal codes. These unique codes streamline mail delivery, facilitate accurate communication, and simplify navigation for residents, businesses, and visitors alike. Here is a comprehensive list of zip codes for Faisalabad as of 2024:

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  • List of Faisalabad Postal Codes
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List of Faisalabad Postal Codes

Here is a curated list of Faisalabad postal codes as of 2024, along with their corresponding post offices:

Faisalabad Area NameFaisalabad Postal CodeAllama Iqbal Colony03825Agriculture University Faisalabad03802Ayub Agri Research Institute PO03803Ayub Agriculture Research Institute38850Batala Colony SO03823Buchiana37260Burj Mandi37730Chak 103 JB37720Chak 103 RB37660Chak 113 GB37570Chak 117 JB37600Chak 128 GB37220Chak 16 JB37740Chak 189 RB Rasoolpur37690Chak No.199 RB37620Chak 203 RB37610Chak 206 GB37040Chak 207 GB37050Chak 229 RB38220Chak 248 RB37420Chak 253 RB37400Chak 257 RB37410Chak 267 RB37360Chak 271 RB38230Chak 275 JB37530Chak 353 GB37224Chak 433 GB37180Chak 447 GB37130Chak 45 GB37340Chak 482 GB (Jagranwan)37060Chak No 583 GB38240Chak 59 JB38210Chak 66 GB37230Chak 67 JB37540Chak 98 GB37290Chak Jhumra37700Faisalabad Postal Code – Faisalabad Zip CodeFrequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Here are some FAQs about Faisalabad Postal Codes.

  1. What are postal codes used for in Faisalabad?Postal codes help ensure accurate and efficient delivery of mail and packages within the city.
  2. How long have postal codes been used in Faisalabad?The postal code system was introduced in Pakistan in 1988, so it has been in use for over 30 years.
  3. What is the format of a Faisalabad postal code?It’s a five-digit code, with the first two digits representing the city code (37) and the last three pinpointing the specific area.
  4. Are postal codes mandatory in Faisalabad?While not technically mandatory, using them significantly improves delivery accuracy and speed, especially for online transactions and courier services.
  5. How can I find my specific postal code in Faisalabad?You can check the Pakistan Post website, third-party platforms like Crystal Pakistan, or ask your local post office.
  6. What if I don’t know the recipient’s postal code in Faisalabad?Inquire with the recipient directly or use online resources to verify their area code.
  7. Is there a map available that shows postal code areas in Faisalabad?Unfortunately, there isn’t a widely available map specifically for postal codes. However, some online resources might offer interactive maps with area boundaries.
  8. Where should I include my postal code when sending mail or packages?Write it clearly below your address, after the city and province details.
  9. What are the benefits of using postal codes when ordering online?Accurate delivery, smoother communication with sellers, and potentially faster processing of your order.
  10. Do I need to include the postal code when sending mail within Faisalabad itself?While not essential, it’s highly recommended for faster and more accurate delivery, especially for unfamiliar areas.
  11. Are there any areas in Faisalabad that don’t have postal codes?While very unlikely, some remote or newly developed areas can lack official codes. Consult your local post office for confirmation.
  12. What happens if I use the wrong postal code?Your mail or package might be delayed or misdirected. Double-check before sending anything.
  13. Can I get a personalized postal code for my business in Faisalabad?No, postal codes are assigned based on geographical location and not individual entities.
  14. Who can I contact if I have further questions about postal codes in Faisalabad?Your local post office is the best resource for specific inquiries and clarifications.
  15. Are there any plans to update the postal code system in Faisalabad?There’s no official information about major changes to the system. However, minor adjustments or clarifications might occur based on development and needs.


In conclusion, the postal codes of Faisalabad play a vital role in ensuring efficient mail delivery, accurate communication, and simplified navigation within the city.

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