AC Repair, Installation & Maintenance Service available in Karachi, Pakistan.

Rentkea supplies the best and dependable solution for any variety of air-condition problems. Which includes AC repairs, AC installation, HVAC Installation, and HVAC repairs. Our certified and experienced in-house staff are here for the rescue.

 1 Ton Price1.5 Ton Price2 Ton Price4 Ton PriceAC ServiceRs. 1,500Rs. 1,500Rs. 1,500Rs. 1,500InspectionRs. 500Rs. 500Rs. 500Rs. 500Installation with in 10Ft PipeRs. 2500Rs. 2500Rs. 3000Rs. 5000Installation with in 30Ft PipeRs. 3500Rs. 3500Rs. 4500Rs. 6000Gas FillingRs. 3500Rs. 3500Rs. 3500Rs. 3500UninstallRs. 1500Rs. 1500Rs. 2000Rs. 2500Master AC Service (Remove Units To Clean)Rs. 2000Rs. 2000Rs. 3000Rs. 4000DISMANTLE ACRs. 1000Rs. 1000Rs. 1500Rs. 2000AC Water LeakRs. 1000Rs. 1000Rs. 1000Rs. 1000AC Trip IssueRs. 1000Rs. 1000Rs. 1000Rs. 1000PCD Card Repairing (Staring From)Rs. 4000Rs. 4000Rs. 4000Rs. 4000Leakage Repair ( Inner & Outer)Rs. 1500Rs. 1500Rs. 1500Rs. 1500Fan Motor ReplaceRs. 4000Rs. 4000Rs. 4000Rs. 4000

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